User Profile

Customer Information

This area would have all of the information we collect on the registration form inside the section titled Customer Contact Information. So this includes:

First Name Last Name


Phone Email

The customer should also be able to edit this data if they want, which would update the user’s data (but not update the generated pdf)

Edit Information

Registered Products

This area would have the cards you’ve outlined before for each member code the user has used to register with. So each card would have the member code visible as well as the Vehicle Year, Make, and Model. Then when the user clicks on the card, they would be taken to the /perma-warranty/ page with just that registration, with the download button available for that pdf as usual.

There should also be another button here that takes the user to the /perma-registered/ page to register another warranty as an existing user.

Register Another Vehicle

Member Number


2012 Nissan Altima

Member Number


2018 Nissan Maxima



UI/UX Design




3d Modeling


Video Production


Customer Resources

Here we will fill out phone numbers and contact methods for the customer to make claims on their warranties. Please keep this area editable in Visual Composer, we will fill it out soon.